SOS messages

sending and reception

SOS messages and notifications sent during a state of emergency or unexpectedly changing circumstances provide security for people facing challenging situations at work and when working alone.

SOS message sending

The user presses the SOS button for 3 sec. at which the application automatically generates to an SOS message.

Confirmation of the sent message

The user receives a confirmation message about the SOS message sent.

An SOS message is sent to a predefined person or group.

The aim is to convey information about the threatening situation and enable a quick response, for example with the help of check calls or GPS positioning.

An SOS message is sent to a predefined person or group.

Push notification

The recipient of the message or the group receives a push message on their phone.

Pressing the push message activates the application and the sent SOS message is displayed.

Received SOS message

Received SOS message contains following information of the sender: Name, location, telephone, last known GPS location

By pressing the phone number or location information button, you can call the sender of the message directly or open the device's own map program for positioning the sender.

Sent messages are stored in the Aware Safety background system and can be followed from the application control panel.

GPS location

The last known GPS location of the sender of the SOS message appears in the device's own map application

By integrating notifications can be easily added to other systems as well.

As a ready-made solution, in cooperation with Securitas Oy, which provides high-quality security services, we also offer the opportunity to forward SOS messages directly to a security company representative. Representative responds to the message according to the agreed operating model.

Aware Safety SOS messages can also be transmitted to other operators’ systems.

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